9 Best Aluminum Bass Boats You Must Like

If you’re looking for a bass boat for freshwater fishing, aluminum craft have a lot to offer. They’re usually less expensive than fiberglass boats, and their lighter weight means they require less powerful engines.

They can also be easier to launch, and you won’t have the hassle of waxing a gel coat. And if there’s an accident, repairs are usually cheaper too.

All that’s good news. But with lots of models on offer, how do you choose the right one for your needs?

That’s where we can help! We’re going to look at nine of the best aluminum bass boats out there. And we’ll take you through their key features to help you make the perfect choice.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Best Aluminum Bass Boats

1. Crestliner 1700 Ridge Aluminum Bass Boat

Crestliner 1700 Ridge Aluminum Bass Boat

Crestliner’s range of Mod-V hulled boats are an excellent choice for bass and crappie fishing. And they all feature all-welded aluminum construction for durability and strength.

The 1700 Ridge is a good value boat that still offers plenty of bells and whistles. Its shallow hull allows it to get into skinny water where others fear to go. It’s 16 feet 11 inches long, has 21 gallons of fuel capacity and will seat four people.

There are generous casting decks and a 16-gallon aerated livewell in the stern. Three pedestal bases offer plenty of versatility in the seating layout too.

There’s plenty of storage space for tackles, rods and other gear. That includes lockable storage for up to four 8-foot rods. And there’s an optional bow storage step right next to the console.

It comes with SureMount aluminum brackets which allow you to slide your accessories into whatever position you want on the gunnel. And there’s no drilling needed.

It comes with a matte gray interior as standard, or you can upgrade to camouflage if you prefer. Either option is non-slip, durable and easy to clean.

There’s a trolling motor outlet with 8-gauge wiring outlet in the bow. And it comes with a Humminbird PiranhaMax four-color fishfinder.

2. Crestliner 1850 Bass Hawk Aluminum Bass Boat

Crestliner 1850 Bass Hawk Aluminum Bass Boat

The 1850 Bass Hawk is Crestliner’s top-of-the-line aluminum bass boat. It’s 18 feet 9 inches long and will seat four people. And it offers between 115 and 200 horsepower.

The design aims to merge the best of bass and Deep-V boats. There’s a variable deadrise hull that allows it to cut easily through wakes of almost any size. And while it can handle tougher conditions, it’s also shallow enough to get into skinny water.

The premium finish is evident in features like the fiberglass console with 12-inch electronics, illuminated toggle switches and pair of cupholders. You can also upgrade to a Mercury VesselView system, offering digital gauges.

You’ll find a 28-gallon aerated, recirculating livewell with timer in the stern. And there’s light-up lockable storage for 15 tubes and 5 rods. If you choose the bucket seating option, you can also get a rod ramp with straps on the port side.

There are other storage compartments either side of the stern, under the helm and passenger seats, and in the cockpit.

There are navigation lights and LED courtesy lights. And as with the 1700 Ridge, you’ll get spacious casting decks with three pedestal bases for versatile seating configurations.

Last but not least, choose a Crestliner bass boat and you can be reassured you’re in safe hands. They’ve received Customer Satisfaction Index awards for 15 years straight.

3. Lowe Skorpion 17 Aluminum Bass Boat

Lowe Skorpion 17 Aluminum Bass Boat

The Skorpion 17 from Lowe is another aluminum bass boat that combines good value with plenty of features.

It has all-welded Mod-V construction and, at 17 feet long, it’s the largest of the Skorpion models. It will carry four people, and there are two fold-down fishing seats with pedestals. Large casting decks give excellent visibility in all directions.

The cockpit has a cleanly styled console with just a couple of gauges. A tinted windshield helps make the controls easy to see, even in bright sunlight. And the gauges are clear in low light too.

There are plenty of features as standard here. These include a forward aerated livewell, fishfinder,  rod locker, Motorguide trolling motor and rod bungee holder. And there’s plenty of storage throughout the boat.

It’s available in a wide range of different colors. That includes camouflage patterns, making it a good option if you want your bass boat to double as a duck boat.

Lowe provide limited lifetime warranties for the hull, and there’s a three-year warranty on all parts. The warranties can be transferred to a second owner too, helping maintain its resale value. In that case, though, the lifetime warranty will reduce to five years.

4. Ranger RT198P Aluminum Bass Boat

Ranger RT198P Aluminum Bass Boat

Ranger’s RT198P is their flagship aluminum bass boat. It has a high-performance pad-bottom hull and integrated engine setback. Maximum 150 horsepower is generated from the Mercury 150 L Pro XS FourStroke Motor.

It’s 19 feet 10 inches long and will carry up to 4 people. The tanks have a fuel capacity of 31 gallons, and the beam is 92 inches.

There are rod storage boxes in the center and on the port side. The former will carry rods up to 8 feet 6 inches, while the latter will accommodate rods up to 7 feet. Oversized storage boxes for tackle can be added too, if required.

A Minn Kota 45-inch trolling motor comes as standard. For an additional cost, you can swap it for either a 42-inch Minn Kota MAX 70BG, or a 47-inch Lowrance Ghost.

There’s a divided livewell with timer, with the option to upgrade to a recirculating version. And the custom fiberglass console features a flush-mounted depthfinder, tach, speedometer and fuel and water pressure gauges.

You can choose from a range of different colors for the upholstery and decals. And if you pay a little extra, you can choose a camo pattern to sneak up on those ducks.

5. Ranger RT178C Aluminum Bass Boat

Ranger RT178C Aluminum Bass Boat

Ranger’s RT178C is a bass boat with bags of versatility. It’s 17 feet 10 inches long, and it will carry up to four people. The fuel capacity is 22 gallons, and its maximum recommended horsepower is 75.

The bow seating is configured to allow three people to sit next to each other. Abundant storage includes an 8 feet 6 inches rod locker, a tackle storage box in the bow, and another two under the rear deck. There’s plenty more storage under the seats too.

There are also two livewells. The one in the bow is divided, timed and aerated. There’s another in the rear deck.

The cantilevered fiberglass console is surprisingly spacious. It features a Lowrance Hook-2 4X GPS and clear, easily readable gauges.

You can choose from four different engines and five different trolling motors. A range of color packages include the option of brown or green camo patterns.

Opt for this boat and you’ll also get a custom-built trailer for easy transportation as part of the package. The trailer has premium quality wheels, and it’s coated with Road Armor Equipped for enhanced longevity.

6. Lund 2075 Pro-V Bass XS Aluminum Bass Boat

Lund 2075 Pro-V Bass XS Aluminum Bass Boat

Lund’s 2075 pro-V Bass XS is built to rival fiberglass bass boats. It’s 20 feet 10 inches long and offers a maximum of 250 horsepower. The fuel capacity is 49 gallons. It’s offered with a side console, and there’s the option of having a dual console.

It has a four seat layout and will carry a maximum of five people. So if you’re looking for a bass boat for a group, this one is hard to beat.

The locker storage is a cut above too. It has space for 15 rods up to 10 feet long. There’s additional on-the-go rod holders on the generous casting deck.

The fiberglass console is protected by a windscreen and has fully lit instrumentation. And there are interior LEDs and navigation lights, and a lit 28-gallon livewell.

It comes with a Kicker stereo with two MB Quart speakers. There’s also a cooler and cooler storage, two drinks holders, and two SportTrak accessory brackets.

The size and power here mean that this is a boat that can handle tougher conditions. But it’s also nimble enough to take into shallower water. It’s not the cheapest bass boat out there, but it’s very versatile.

7. Bass Tracker Classic XL Aluminum Bass Boat

Bass Tracker Classic XL Aluminum Bass Boat

The Bass Tracker Classic XL is an aluminum bass boat that offers excellent value. The all-welded construction is tough and long-lasting. And it’s backed by what Tracker claim is the best available warranty on the market for aluminum boats.

It’s one of the smaller boats on our list at 16 feet 8 inches long. It will run with maximum 50 horsepower and will carry three people. And the fuel capacity is only 6 gallons.

It comes with a Mercury FourStroke engine as standard. Upgrade to a 50 ELPT FourStroke engine and it will deliver top speeds of 30 to 35 miles per hour.

The console features a Lowrance HOOK 4X swivel color fishfinder with transducer. And a 9-gallon aerated livewell is molded into the front of the console in a design that’s super-efficient in its use of space.

There’s also a Minn Kota Edge 45-inch trolling motor, stowable navigation lights, and bow and console courtesy lights.

There’s plenty of storage beneath the raised bow and aft casting decks. And there’s more under the driver and passenger seats, plus holders for four rods up to 7-feet long on the port side.

Last but not least, the package includes a custom-built single-axle trailer coated in GALVASHIELD to resist corrosion.

8. Xpress Xclusive X21 Pro Bass

Xpress Xclusive X21 Pro Bass

The Xclusive range of bass boats from Xpress is marketed as “the best of the best”. It’s been the choice of no fewer than four Bassmaster Elite Anglers. And the X21 Pro Bass is certainly a very good boat indeed.

It’s 21 feet long, with a maximum of 150 or 250 horsepower, depending on your chosen engine. If you go for the more powerful option, you’ll also need to get hydraulic steering.

As well as plenty of power, you’ll also get a load of great features. There’s bags of storage, with secure lockers under the front deck and two more storage boxes under the rear deck. There’s also an Xclusive rod holder on the port side, and more storage beneath the driver and passenger seats.

It comes with a Minn Kota Max 70 52-inch trolling motor and a two-bank charger. (You can upgrade to a three-bank version if you want to.) There’s also a recirculating livewell in the rear deck.

There are plenty of optional extras too. Among them are upgrades to the console to include an AM/FM Bluetooth radio with speakers. A Wet Sounds Premium sound system with four speakers or RGB is also available.

And you can upgrade the flooring from Xtreme Coat to an exclusive X-Series carpet.

9. Vexus AVX1880 Aluminum Bass Boat

Vexus AVX1880 Aluminum Bass Boat

Vexus are well-known for producing some of the best – and most expensive – bass boats on the market. Their AVX1880 is 18 feet 10 inches long, has a 32-gallon fuel capacity, and offers a maximum of 115 horsepower.

Everything here is beautifully built. The storage boxes are made of fiberglass and sealed and formed into each deck to eliminate any rattling. The lids are raised and sealed tight to keep everything safe and dry inside.

The bases for the pedestal seating are extra-large – 1.77 inches, against the 0.75 inches that’s standard on most other boats. As a result, they’re stronger and more resilient.

There’s a carpeted rod box in the center, with enclosed and tapered tubes that cradle the rods.  And sleek stretch-formed gunnels mean this aluminum boat is often mistaken for fiberglass.

There’s a divided recirculating and aerated livewell, with a valve system to make it easy to change the water. And it’s equipped with a pump-out system and Splash-Guard technology.

The finish here is impressive too. The aluminum is painted with a final coating of HardCase to give extra luster and protection.

Watch Out Bass!

That brings us to the end of our look at the nine best aluminum bass boats out there. They include both luxury vessels and models that offer great value at a lower price point.

Whether you’re a pro tournament angler, or looking for a boat for weekend fishing, there’s something here to suit.

We hope we’ve helped you in your search for the perfect bass boat!

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