17 Homemade Boat Motors Plans You Can DIY Easily

Commercial boat motors are expensive. Luckily, there are multiple ways to DIY cost-effective boat mowers on your own. From a drill-powered boat engine to converting a motorcycle engine into a boat power, we’re fully surprised with the creativity of human minds!

When it comes to DIYs, we believe a trustworthy tutorial is as important as any other supplies necessary for the project. So, here we present you a list of 17 homemade boat motor DIY ideas and tutorials. Let’s begin!

1.   DIY An Electric Outboard Engine Using ProLaw Aqua Speed Electric Power Combo

In this video, the Youtuber from alishanmao makes an electric outboard for his Intex Challenger 3 inflatable boat. He uses a ProLaw aqua speed electric power combo that gives 27 kg thrust on 48 volts.

No metalworking skills? No worries! The Youtuber uses scrap wood pieces to build the motor. Although not a step-by-step instruction tutorial, he walks his viewers along the DIY process. We hope it helps!


2.   DIY a 1 kW Electic Outboard Motor

DIY a 1 kW Electic Outboard Motor

If you’re wondering what the cost of DIYing a boat motor is, build one for under £600. The blogger used lithium-ion batteries for this DIY, given their low weight and high capacity, and cycling ability.

On the downside, one might need at least a basic knowledge of CAD to understand this tutorial, as the blogger designed his own transition plate in CAD and sent it to a laser-cutting company to do the work for him.

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3.   Build A Boat Outboard Motor Using A Weed Whacker!

Join the Youtuber from rather B welding as he DIYs an outboard boat motor from a weed eater. He builds and attaches a propeller to the whacker in this video.

To be honest, the result of this DIY is somewhat controversial. Though the Youtuber demonstrates the efficiency of the motor in a bucket of water, many in the comment section claim that it doesn’t actually work when it comes to real boat application.

In contrast, a few agree that this DIY is functional. Let us know how it worked out for you!


4.   How To Convert Your Lawn Mower Engine into A Boat Motor?

How To Convert Your Lawn Mower Engine into A Boat Motor

In this forum on Boatdesign.net, the user jchronister3468 has asked for advice and suggestions from his fellow users on his DIY venture of building a boat motor using a lawnmower engine. He is planning to build the motor for his 14 ft Jon boat.

If you’re planning on a similar DIY, give this thread a detailed read. Plenty of suggestions and resources are exchanged in this thread. Definitely a must-read!

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5.   Homemade Electric Outboard Using Scrap Materials

For those looking forward to step-by-step instructions on how to DIY an electric outboard motor, this tutorial is probably not for you. The Youtuber from yazis59 simply demonstrates to his viewers the end product. This DIY uses 4 X 12v batteries.

Nevertheless, the idea of building an outboard motor using scrap materials is great. There are quite a few positive criticisms in the comment section; do check them out!


6.   How To Build A Mud Motor?

How To Build A Mud Motor

While a commercial 6 hp outboard engine costs around $1500, the blogger from BOATING DIYed a mud motor for his 15 ft Gheenoe for around $500! He used a small swap runner kit for 5.5 to 7 hp engines and a 6.5 hp Predator 212 cc horizontal shaft for this DIY purpose.

Almost at the end of the blog post, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to build a mud motor, accompanied by documented images throughout the DIY journey. Explore BOATING for more interesting and informational blogs and tutorials.

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7.   DIY An Outboard Boat Motor Using Predator 212

The Youtuber from Keyfarm DIYs an outboard boat motor using Predator 212 for his 12 ft V-bottom boat. He claims the DIY to be completely different from long-tailed mud motors.

Although the Youtuber doesn’t demonstrate the entire process, he walks his viewers through the overview of the DIY process. Watch the video until the end to discover how this DIY outboard boat motor performs in the water.


8.   Build A Boat Motor Using A Garden Trimmer

Build A Boat Motor Using A Garden Trimmer

Do you know what advantages and disadvantages are of using a trimmer to DIY a boat motor? Well, the blogger from CHAIKA.NET is here to provide you with all the information on building a boat motor using a garden trimmer.

Find all the supplies necessary for this DIY project in this post, followed by extremely detailed and organized instructions on the project in this blog.

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9.   Covert Your Motorcycle Engine Into A Boat Engine

Were you aware that you could convert your motorcycle engine into a boat engine? Well, here’s the tutorial video by RJ RICKY JABAGAT CHANNEL on how to convert your motorcycle engine into a boat engine. This innovative project has been showered with quite a few positive reviews.

While the Youtubers don’t necessarily elaborate on the process, they do demonstrate the entire DIY process to their viewers. This is Part 1 of the DIY series, and here are Part 2 and Part 3 of the series, in case you’re interested.


10.  How To DIY A Boat Engine?

How To DIY A Boat Engine

Do you know what metal is outboard motors made of? Or, what types of motors are used in a boat? If questions like these are roaming your mind, you are probably new to DIYing boat motors or aren’t confident enough to start the project.

Well, we’ve got the perfect resource for you! This blog post by MCNALLY INSTITUTE features plenty of boat engine-related queries and their answers. We hope it helps.  

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11.  Drill Powered Boat Motor Build!

Are you wondering how efficient a drill-powered boat motor is? While this YouTube video by Alex Goes Sailing is not a tutorial per se, he demonstrates to his viewers how he added an electric drill to his boat motor and how the motor performs.

He claims this DIY to be very cost-affordable, costing you about £60. Surprisingly, the boat gains quite an impressive speed. An amusing video to watch indeed!


12.  DIY An Outboard Boat Motor Using A Lawn Mower

DIY An Outboard Boat Motor Using A Lawn Mower

Lawnmowers are truly famous donors when it comes to an outboard boat motor DIY. Here’s another tutorial on how you can convert your old mower engine into a boat engine by GONE OUTDOORS.

The essential supplies and tools for the project are provided at the beginning of the blog, followed by 4-step brief instructions on the DIY process. GONE OUTDOORS have plenty of boating DIYs and guides for enthusiasts like you. Do check them out!

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13.  Homemade Air Cooled Outboard Motor

Charlie Adolf III built a mud motor using the leg from his old outboard and 5.5 hp harbor freight air-cooled lawnmower engine. He DIYed this homemade boat motor for under $100!

While this is not a step-by-step instruction video, the Youtuber does a great job at giving an overview of the DIY process. It is definitely a must-watch video for those planning to convert their lawnmower engine into an outboard boat motor.


14.  DIY A Fantastic Boat Motor Using A Push Mower Engine For Under $90!

Learn how to make a homemade boat motor using a lawnmower engine for under $90 from this tutorial video by chud327. This tutorial is very beginner-friendly as the Youtuber demonstrates the DIY from start to finish with utter clarity.

Many are applauding the build in the comment section. What’s more, this channel features a range of boating vlogs and DIY tutorials for boat fanatics like you and me. Enjoy!


15.  Make A Cordless Drill Powered Wooden Outboard Motor

Make A Cordless Drill Powered Wooden Outboard Motor

90º drill head, throttle handle, strip aluminum, propeller, screws, impregnated wood plank, threaded rod, drill, files, and jigsaw.

If you have the above-mentioned items gathered, follow the instructions on this written tutorial by Make: to DIY a fantastic drill-powered wooden outboard motor for your boat. There’s also a tutorial video embedded in this post for your ease.

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16.  Lawn Mower To Outboard Motor – Complete DIY Process Explained

Including all the challenges and updates, Carlos Vazquez documents the entire lawnmower engine to the outboard engine conversion DIY process in this video. It is no surprise to us that the comment section is full of raving reviews.

If this is your first attempt at DIYing a boat motor using a lawnmower, we’d definitely recommend you this tutorial.


17.  DIY Electric Inboard Boat Motor Using Predator 212

If you’re looking forward to DIYing a homemade inboard board motor, we’ve got something for you as well!

In this video, you’ll be given a brief overview of the DIY followed by the engine water test of the Predator 212 inboard boat motor in a small plywood RC boat.



Let’s be honest, DIYing a boat motor is not the simplest task. You need to have enough knowledge in boating, motors, and at least mediocre handyman skills.

But the good news is that if you dedicate a few weeks to educating yourself and follow a good beginner-friendly tutorial, the goal is absolutely achievable. Also, you can always borrow a set or two of skilled hands for your DIY. We wish you good luck with the project!

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