10 Best Bay Boats Under 30k

Bay boats will help you cruise the shores, but did you know that you can buy them even with your small budget? Yes, getting quality bay boats is costly. But which great ones will cost you less than 30k?

You are about to find out. Here, we’ll talk of the best bay boats under 30k.

Many companies make these crafts with many specs to suit those will less cash. Be sure to get bay boats with much luxury and greatness.

Sometimes, you’ll get these boats for less than 30k but won’t be of good quality. Worry less because these boats here will serve you for many years.

So, are you ready? Let’s take a closer look at these boats.

Best Bay Boats Under 30k

1. 2006 Sea-Pro SV2100CC

2006 Sea-Pro SV2100CC
Image Credit: louisianasportsman

You can get this 2006 outboard boat model for only $19750. It’s a craft to help tour and explore the shores, beaches, and rivers.

Many anglers love to use this boat. It will give you quality specs cheaply.

The 2006 Sea-Pro has a V-hull made from fiberglass. So, it means that the hull will always be easy to clean.

It is 22-feet long and with a 7.1 feet beam. Remember, the bay boat weighs about 1600 lbs. Expect the fitting and finishing to be beautiful.

You’ll have an easy time transporting it. Also, even if it’s an old model, the boat moves fast.

Besides, you can use this bay boat even in salty waters. Don’t expect this craft from Brunswick Company to use much fuel.

2. 2021 18’ Bayliner F18

2021 18’ Bayliner F18
Image Credit: boattrader

This boat is one of the latest in the Bayliner family. It comes from the Brunswick Corporation.

Brunswick is one of the biggest boat makers in the USA. You’ll get this boat from them at $27 000.

2021 18’ Bayliner has an 8-feet beam. Expect to have more comfort on this boat.

It comes with a fiberglass hull with a modified vee design. So, you can also drive fast using this boat.

Also, you’ll have an easy time when fishing because of its M-hull design and deck plan. Remember, the deck is also self-bailing.

Besides, the boat has a battery turn, a swimming place, and ample space to carry items. You’ll enjoy your time on this boat.

The gas tank needs 30 gallons to be full. A mercury engine supports it with a 115 HP.

3. 2016 Yamaha 190 FSH Deluxe

2016 Yamaha 190 FSH Deluxe
Image Credit: boats-from-usa

At only at least $29 999, you can get this small but beautiful boat. It comes from the Yamaha Company.

Since the boat comes from this big machine firm, expect it to have a powerful engine. You’ll only need 18 gallons to fill the tank.

This 2016 Yamaha luxury boat has chrome cupholders, a bow placement, fish box, and glovebox. The body has stainless steel that keeps it beautiful for long.

It’s the center console type of a bay boat that is 19 feet with a 2.4 feet beam. The boat has a dry weight of 2130 lbs. So, it can carry up to 8 people.

Remember, it uses a 4-stroke inboard engine. You’ll need 30 gallons to fill up the boat’s gasoline tank. You can use this craft to fish, for sporting, or exploring the waters.

4. 2014 Mako 18 LTS

2014 Mako 18 LTS
Image Credit: topspeed

This boat comes with three center consoles. So, you can use it for sporting, cruising, and fishing because it’s small and powerful.

It comes from the MAKO boat firm. Expect it to have the beauty and strength of the MAKO technology. You’ll pay at least $22 500 to get this boat.

The craft has ample space to store your items. You’ll also get an area for the rods and coolers to act as seats.

2014 Mako 18 LTS has two cupholders. It’s now upon you to have fun on the waters.

These features show that the boat is suitable for riding and fishing in shallow waters. You can use it in freshwaters, lagoons, and saltwater bays.

Also, the boats have an aluminum and self-draining deck. This feature makes the boat suitable for fishing.

Here, the engines are also easy to maintain. The tank only needs 18 gallons of gas to be complete. This boat has wires ready for a trailing motor.

5. Bayliner Element F16

Bayliner Element F16
Image Credit: marinemax

Also, from the Bayliner group, you’ll get this 16-feet bay boat. It’s suitable for fishing, speeding, cruising, and swimming.

Expect to buy it from the Brunswick corporation at $15 299. But when you want the boat with a full rig, trailer, and motor, you’ll pay $20 000.

The boat has an M-shaped Hull. So, you can use it in the rough waters. Also, this craft is stable, and when the wind is steady, it can self-sail.

Its hull has more like V-shape in the middle. This aspect shows that the boat can move at high speeds.

It has a 7.5 feet beam. Remember, the craft is light and weighs 1750 lbs.

The Bayliner F16’s engine has HP of 80. You’ll need up to 18 gallons to fill up the tank

6. Chaparral 18 H20 Ski and Fish

Chaparral 18 H20 Ski and Fish
Image Credit: chaparralboats

This bay boat is excellent for skiing and fishing along the shores, like the name sounds. You can buy it for $23 995.

It has a V-hull, which is excellent for speeding. Also, the hull is flexible even when at high speeds.

Besides, you can use it at low speeds to explore the waters and enjoy the sunset. The boats have a soft sun pad.

Also, the H2o from Chaparral Inc. has a comfortable cockpit. This place has an aft bench and two jump seats.

H2o’s come with two captain seats. But the boat also has much space to sit and place your cooler for drinks. It can carry up to eight people.

This boat has 18 feet and a 2.3-feet beam. The engine tank needs 25 gallons to be full. Remember, it’s a 4-stroke with a 135 HP.

7. Nitro Z-6

Nitro Z-6
Image Credit: smartmarineguide

The Nitro Z-6 is a short boat but with the features of a bigger boat. It comes at $21 995. This price includes the gears like a paddle.

You’ll get it with an HP 115 engine. Only 22 gallons of gasoline can fill up the tank.

Nitro Z-6 has a modified V-hull. It means that the boat moves fast on the waters. So, besides the engine’s HP, the body makes it great for moving fast.

When it comes to the size, it’s 17.4 feet long and with a 90-inches beam. It weighs 1300 lbs. So, it can only carry two people.

Also, it has a fiberglass hull. Cleaning the body won’t be hard for you.

8. Ranger Z175

Ranger Z175
Image Credit: lovesparkmotorsports

At $26 000, you can get this small bay boat with many cool features. It’s one of the best for holding sports events and fishing.

The Ranger Z175 has Dual-Pro chargers, a ranger fish ruler, a baitwell, and tie-downs. These items will make your fishing time to be fun.

Remember, the boat comes in two models. So, there’s the Z500 and the Z100 series. It comes from the Ranger boat company.

Also, the craft is very light and hosts only two people. It weighs 1200 lbs. without the machine and 1250 lbs. with the motor.

You’ll have a cheap and easy time in fuel usage. This boat needs 23 gallons to fuel up the tank.

9. 2006 Key West 186 Bay Reef

2006 Key West 186 Bay Reef
Image Credit: smartmarineguide

The 186-bay reef is an excellent boat for fishing, exploration, and also if you love speed. It’s because it’s big and light. So, you’ll have a smooth ride on the waters.

It comes with a Yamaha F115 outboard. Your movements on the water will always be fast at a top speed of 39 mph.

This engine uses gasoline to move. Also, expect the machine to be a 225 4-stroke with an impeller, thermostat, oil and fuel, and lower gear tube.

With all these specs, this boat won’t use much fuel. A full tank needs 40 gallons of gasoline. You’ll have an easy time maintaining it.

Also, this 2006 bay boat weights at 80 lbs. and has a bow trolling machine. The 2006 Key West Baybay boat can carry up to six people. These specs come at $20 250.

10. 2021 G3 Gator Tough 17 CC

2021 G3 Gator Tough 17 CC
Image Credit: blackbeardmarine

It’s one of the best crafts to help you explore the beaches and bays. The Gator Tough 17 CC 2021 has G3 consoles.

This model is under the Jon class and is 17 feet. It has an aluminum hull and has a long beam.

You can use it on a river, bay, or lake. You’ll move fast and smoothly because of the hull’s shape.

Also, the boat moves on a single outboard and uses gas. Remember, it has a Yamaha F70LA engine with a horsepower of 70.

These boats come from a team-up of the Navico Marine Electronics and Lowrance Company. So, together, they make this craft that has a molded part in one piece.

It means that the bay boat is big and has a beautiful design. Once you buy it, get ready to smile as you drive it.

All these specs come at $22,726. Ensure you buy it from the G3 firm.


Various boats in the market sell under 30k. Most of them have unique features to make you enjoy your time on the waters.

You can buy these crafts from their builders or different boat sellers. The costs may change, but they won’t go beyond 30k. Expect these crafts to give you value for money.

These bay boats will help you fish, relax, and explore the shores. Also, you’ll find that most of them don’t use much gas.

So, do you think the boats should sell at these prices with all these specs? We will be happy to hear from you.

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