Boat Dream Interpretation (19 Spiritual Meanings)

Maybe you live in a beach town and see boats all the time. Or you have waterfront property with your own cruiser parked in the backyard. But whether you’re routinely exposed to boats or you just see them on TV, dreaming about boats can send a significant spiritual message.

But what do these boat dreams mean? Dream interpretation of the boat relies on context and other important clues. You’ll need to focus on how you felt during the dream and confirm your perspective. Were you driving the boat or watching from the water? Let’s see!

Boat Dream Meanings

1. You Need Something to Change

You Need Something to Change

Boats are primarily a form of transport. They move you from one place to another, using water as their medium. So what does it mean when you dream of seeing a boat on the horizon? Think about your feelings during the dream. Was it longing, fear, or eagerness?

Each one has a different meaning, but all dreams suggest you want something in your life to change (from DreamOf.Org). The boat could be bringing something exciting into your life. Or taking something away from your world. Either way, it’s a shift, and it shows you need some kind of change.

2. You Want to Escape

You Want to Escape

When you see a boat in your dreams, it may mean you’re running away from something. Or you’d like to. This is especially true if you’re on the boat in the dream, and if the boat is sailing on calm waters. You can see the land in the dream, but you’re sailing away from it.

If looking at the land behind you leaves you feeling peaceful and relieved, there’s something you’d like to escape from. The dream may be slightly different with the boat coming toward you and an urgent desire to get on board. This dream also implies that you need to get away.

3. You’re Ignoring Your Feelings

You’re Ignoring Your Feelings

In the spirit world, water is a symbol of emotions. And when you’re on a boat (as opposed to, say, a submarine), you’re mostly above the water with maybe a foot or two submerged. Essentially, this means you’re floating above your feelings and barely engaging with them.

The waters might be calm, meaning there’s no real crisis. Or they might be choppy and turbulent. Either way, the boat barely interacts with the water, and that’s how you’re dealing with your sentiments. To grow, you’ll need to get a bikini or wet suit and dive in eventually.

4. You’re About to Lose a Friend

You’re About to Lose a Friend

What does it mean if you dream about being alone inside a boat with nothing but waves all around you? Well, you’re not capsizing in the dream, so your emotions are stable. The emphasis here is on the depth and vastness of that ocean with no hint of land in sight.

You’re about to experience (or have recently felt) deep, soulful longing for someone dear to you. You’ll soon lose a friend, someone you consider a soul mate. They won’t die, but you’ve buried important issues between you, refused to address them, so now you’re drifting alone.

5. You May Be Feeling Self-Destructive

You May Be Feeling Self-Destructive

Remember Noah’s Ark? Even if you weren’t raised in a religious home, you probably know bits of the story or sang that two-by-two song in daycare. The boat was meant to protect Noah, his family, and the animals from the floods and rain that would drown the world.

We know water represents emotions, so if you dream of yourself building a boat, it means you’re about to endure a flood of negative emotions that threaten to overwhelm you. You plan to use your personal resources to battle these feelings, and that could go quite badly…

6. You’re Thirsting For Adventure

You’re Thirsting For Adventure

Most of us would prefer to sail a yacht or luxury liner. We wouldn’t want to be in a rowboat, canoe, kayak, or dinghy.  So if you’re dreaming of propelling yourself on a small watercraft, it means you’re bored with the drudgery of your day-to-day life and are seeking adventure.

You want something hands-on and intensive. Preferably something you can do on your own, like wrangling the oars or managing your motor. You want to test yourself against the elements. Maybe you want to let go of responsibility for a while and do something outdoorsy.

7. You Badly Need to Relax

You Badly Need to Relax

Pontoon boats have hollow log-like tubes that keep them afloat. Their stability and buoyancy allow them to sail at a leisurely pace in skinny water, mostly rivers, lakes, and bays. So dreaming of a pontoon boat could mean your life is moving too fast and you want it slower.

You might see yourself on a tourist pontoon, enjoying the sights around the lagoon or in the bayou. You might even see yourself fishing in an inflatable boat or cycling on a paddleboat. Check your schedule and plan for some time off from work and family – you need that RnR.

8. Control is a Problem!

Control is a Problem

If you dream of working a sailboat by yourself, you’re probably a control freak. After all, sailboats require intense manual skill. You have to work the ropes, tweak the sail, adjust the rudder, etc. All this is easier if you have someone helping you, so the dream is a loud hint.

If you’re working the boat alone, it may mean you have a hard time delegating. You have to run everything yourself, even if it drains you. But dreaming of a powerboat has the opposite meaning. You want more control of your life, particularly your emotional triggers and cues.

9. Work Towards Adaptability

Work Towards Adaptability

If you watched the video above, you’ll know that sailboats combine wind, pressure, current, sails, rudders, and centreboards to stay afloat. And these boats don’t always have motors. So you have to pit your sailing skills against the elements and harness them to work for you.

In this sense, dreaming about a sailboat could indicate a need to rely on yourself more. But it’s also an invitation from your higher helpers to be more flexible and adaptable. Things are about to shift in a big way, and you should go with the flow if you want to survive and thrive.

10. You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

We’ve mentioned that a boat typically skims over the water, which represents your emotions. So what does it mean when you dream about a sinking boat? First, were you on the boat as it struggled, or were you watching it from a safer spot on the shore? Or aboard a nearby boat?

In all three cases, the message is overwhelming feelings that are headed your way. If you’re on the sinking boat, it’s your own emotions threatening to drown you. If you’re on the beach or riding a neighboring boat, you may feel worn down by other people’s emotional venting.

11. You’re Scared to Commit

You’re Scared to Commit

We’ve seen that dreaming of a solo boat in the ocean could mean loss and loneliness. But what does a ferry boat dream mean? Ferries are often pontoon boats that navigate shallow waters such as lakes, rivers, ports, or bays. Examples include the famous Staten Island ferry.

Ferries transport people across short but regular distances e.g. touring an island, shifting cargo on a barge, or commuting to the mainland. The dream could mean you’re unwilling to commit to the emotional waters of a serious relationship. You prefer things short and sweet.

12. You’re Carrying Burdens

You’re Carrying Burdens

You can’t help feeling warm and fuzzy when you see a tug boat leading a massive ship into port. Some of these boats are cute and colorful, belying their power and maneuverability. They easily tow boats up to 120 tonnes and hit 15 knots despite their seemingly small size.

But what does it mean if you dream of a tug boat? The ship that’s behind the boat represents emotional baggage. So if you’re in the tug boat in the dream, your partner is dragging you down and you’re getting resentful. If you’re the ship in the dream, help your partner out!

13. Fear of Failure … or Success?

Fear of Failure … or Success

A lot of the time, we’re afraid to start something new because we’re scared we’ll suck at it. But there’s a bigger, less intuitive fear that sometimes comes from childhood. Sometimes, we sabotage ourselves because we’re afraid to succeed and outshine our parents and families.

If you grew up being criticized for your strong points, you subconsciously learn that you must never get too big for your britches or do better than your relatives. Dreaming about a docked boat could mean you have a brilliant opportunity but you’re terrified that you’ll be good at it.

14. You’re Considering a Spiritual Calling

You’re Considering a Spiritual Calling

If you grew up Christian or spent any time at Sunday School, you’ve probably heard the term ‘fishers of men’. In the gospels, Jesus meets fishermen, blesses them with a miraculous catch, then invites them to help him save lost souls instead. Of the 12, four were fishermen.

So if you have a religious background and you dream of fishing in a boat, perhaps you’re being called into the ministry. This is more likely if you were using analog tools to fish – something like a single fishing pole, hand-held trawling nets, or even woven DIY fish traps.

15. Your Fields are Fertile …

Your Fields are Fertile

You might already know that water dreams can signify pregnancy. They could imply a new life growing in your partner’s woman, or even your own. And dreaming about a boat can have a similar meaning. Suppose you spot a boat tied to an unseen dock and bobbing gently.

The boat is calm and empty, which suggests a willingness and capacity to be filled with a fresh catch. The boat has an open hull and idle oars. This means you (and/or your partner) have the resources and the desire to start a family, nurturing a new generation in love and health.

16. You Need to Be a Touch More Practical

You Need to Be a Touch More Practical

Here’s an interesting but unsurprising boat dream. Suppose you’re in a boat and a huge wave crashes over the side, tossing you into the water. You wake up gasping, flailing, and drenched in sweat, which heightens your panic because the sweat feels reminds you of salty seawater.

That makes the dream seem so real! The interpretation of this dream is that you’re letting your emotions and sentiments control you, and are messing yourself up in the process. You need to trust your gut, yes, but right now, you also need a tangible, practical approach to life.

17. You’re Ready to Face the Drama

You’re Ready to Face the Drama

This next boat dream can seem rather disturbing but don’t worry, it’s far more positive than it looks! What does it mean when you dream about jumping off a boat? You might be walking the plank, using the diving board, or launching yourself off the bow into the deep blue ocean.

A lighter version may have you falling backward to keep your hands on your scuba gear. None of these dreams mean you’re suicidal. Remember, water is a symbol of your emotions, so when you dream of propelling yourself into it, it means you’re willing and ready to deal.

18. Good News is Headed Your Way

Good News is Headed Your Way

You’ve probably spotted some interesting boat names in your time. Some of the cheekiest include Future Poor Person, No Mas Dineros, or even Tak-Sea-Vasion / Taxi Vation. These all comment on the price of the boat – they’re not cheap! But what does the dream mean?

If you dream of buying a boat, it means you’re about to get some very exciting news. It’s not necessarily about boat money, but it’s something that will make your life a lot more pleasant. The message is likely to be connected to love and romance, so it could be a fun new partner!

19. Your Money is in Trouble

Your Money is in Trouble

At the other extreme, how can a boat dream meaning warn you about financial disasters? This can come through a dream about a damaged boat. The boat may have crashed onto the shore while you were driving it. Or you might see it as a shipwrecked or abandoned boat.

You might even dream about an old rundown vessel rotting in someone’s backyard or some neglected dock. All these dreams suggest money problems. You might lose your job soon, or your stocks will dip. You might even get into a situation that leaves you unable to go to work.

What was your last boat dream? What did it tell you? Share your insights in the comments!

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  1. It was rough sea. I was in the water behind the boat working. I had a sense that the boat was going to take off. As it did..i grabbed the edge as it took off. I barely made it in..but was helped by a friend…pulling me in.

      • We we’re in a place where there were lots of boats on sea and land people were getting ready to sail out there we’re boats on a clear beautiful sea and boats were moving on the calm sea it was beautiful and breath taking.

  2. i had a dream i was in the water and everything was dark. a boat passed me through the calm water, it was enlightened and it had a shipper who looked more like a gondolier (those guys in Venice); standing and paddling. there were people on the boat but it was too dark to see who or what. the boat seemed to be the only light in that dark open sea. i don’t remember much about what happened afterwards, but i do think i was trying to swim towards it. what does this dream mean?

    • The dark mean you do not know what will happen in the future but you know to follow the light whether it be Jesus or just following your gut feelings to do what is right in her heart and in your mind so that you can go on the right path in life you must follow the light
      Or your in darkness

      • Omg I just woke up from a dream I was in this big ship with my husband and kids only two of the 4. In real life We have been fighting a lot and I am so close to a divorce I only stay because I have faith he will change his physically, mentlly and controlling abusive ways. Anyhow, he works night and had just got home.after getting my son ready and off to the bus stop this morning. I came back to the bed to avoid him. I drift back to sleep and I am in this huge ship it’s like all wood inside. Built in desks and it’s like made to live and work on but older looking maybe from early 90s. In the dream we are trying to avoid each others still. He is laying down wrapped in a blanket and I’m freaking out like why did you make me come on this boat I’m scared of the sea.he gets a call and runs to the kitchen area and it’s his job. The main reason besides abuse is he won’t leave that night job and my kids and I are alone always and have no lives outside of the home. We are isolated and alienated from my family. But back to the dream at one point my son and I go to the window and I see an orange light in the dark but I’m scared to look outside my son runs up to the window and yanks the curtain open and there are more sheer curtains so I just tell him let’s go back over here. I’m so scared what I will see out there. Then we end up docking somewhere and picking up some animals a puppy and few other farm animals. But only one of each. Do about 4 small animals. We take back off and it’s goes back to dark outside. I’m so scared still and I start wondering where are we and I think to get my iPhone and check our location on maps as soon as that idea popped in my head I woke up. I ran to look the dream up on my phone. Your answer means so much to me because I was in the huge dark ocean so scared and I saw the light we kept riding along with it and this just makes total sense thank you so much. I know its time to end the marriage and I can’t stay much longer so this gives me the hope and strength I need. Sorry so long! But thank you again so much🙏🏼❤️

    • Hi I had a dream about winning a sailboat but it wasn’t new but 2nd hand,I wasn’t on the water at all but at some kind of raffle or something like that and I remember that at the beginning of the dream I had only won a trailer but by the end of it it had changed to a yacht,when I woke up I can recall thinking where would I put this yacht haha,what do you think it means,
      Thanks terresa

  3. I had a dream the other day that included a boat, I was walking a white horse on the outside of a hospital building (sorta like a parking garage that you park at before you go into a hospital) beside some boats. (and cars?) I was leading it to a spot beside the boat when it randomly got in the boat, sitting in one of the seats. I told it “not in there!” and I safely pulled it out. I tied the horse up on a floating raft then I went inside of a hospital with an old friend and my mother???
    (not to mention we were stories up from the ground, I have no idea how there was water.)

  4. My husband sails the boat, it’s beautiful weather and I trust him completely. But I lay hurt on the deck, unable to move much. He’s transporting me from another place to I don’t know where.

  5. I dreamed someone surprised me with a gift..a car sitting INSIDE a brand new white boat, it was beautiful! However it was not on was on some type of platform because it was a gift to me. What could this mean?

  6. I was enjoying with my friends n my husband while it was raining outside in day time. When I realised I was on a ship, I came up on the deck alone. Water level was increasing drastically but there was no storm. All of sudden I felt around 2 inches of water below on the ground. From one side of the deck, water was coming inside the ship. I started picking valuable things with me along with my 1 yr old son and my sisters. Although we were about to reach our destination but i was thinking of my entire city getting flooded or not.

  7. I had a dream I was on a large boat. It was large enough for 40 or more people so like a small ship. I was sitting on the deck and enjoying a snack while we sailed around the world. We saw the polar ice caps and then dessert lands. All while I sat on the deck watching. We had people waving to us from the shore and saw beautiful people from unknown places. I had to ask where we were because I had never known the kind of friendliness I was being shown. With neon the boat we’re friends and I knew well but I don’t remember any of them specifically nor did I know their names in the dream. This dream wasn’t just a fragment but felt like all I dreamed about the whole night, the boat ride went on forever. Then towards the end of the dream the ship disappeared below us and we were continuing to float on over the land meeting new people while continually being propelled forward. I couldn’t stop the ship like movement pushing us on through buildings and city streets. I was at total peace throughout the dream and even making people laugh. I’ve never dreamt of a boat before.

  8. My dream was about big speed boats . Three of them bring being driven by matching trucks. Each boat was on trailers driving by me. A yellow boat with matching truck, a light blue with matching trucks, and last a green and silver boat being towed by green truck. Nice big speed boats. The strange thing is I’m not a boater. The boats were in my hometown going by me on local roads at different times. I was happy and admired them as they drove by. It was a good feeling.

  9. I dreamt my cat was a white duck. I was carrying him while walking across the fronts of two white speed boats that were docked. I accidentally dropped my duck between the boats and he disappeared in the water. I felt like I lost my best friend.

    I woke up and went to work. Lost my job. New owner took over. My boss sold the business. I needed supplies to do my job and the new owner said I have to buy my own supplies from now on. ALL OF THEM. That costs forty dollars a day. I was already loaded with carpet to go to install it when he dropped the news on me. That’s taking food out of my daughter’s mouth. I called him some bad names and threw the paperwork in his face. I ripped the carpet out of my van and said a bunch of mean things to him. I quit. I’m livid. I have no job. I have nothing to lose. This is war.

  10. I was in a boat with other people I didn’t know. I remembered I had a boat of my own and went to get it to follow the other people. When I looked to where they were going into a marshy area in the water where they got stuck, then I woke up

  11. I had a dream I was trying to load my boat on the trailer but the trailer was broken and I couldn’t get it on the trailer.. my girlfriend was in my truck and drove off while I sat there in the water in the boat waiting for her to come back…

  12. I dreamt a biggish boat was slightly full of travellers we were taking pictures of the ocean around us then I noticed it was filling up the boat I went around the boat to let the workers know we were in danger we were sinking but they were busy trying to pretend everything was ok I told my family & we set out to let everyone know of the boat situation everything seemed ok but the boat kept driving out to sea taking us further away from safety & it was filling the bottom of the boat where all the passengers were enjoying it & swimming & diving into it except me & a sister who were working to get our own family to safety

  13. the ship was told to come back because I was left behind. But before that, the porter called the ship to come back because the passenger in a nurse uniform (white) was left behind. The ship was big.

  14. I dreamed of “accidentally” signing up for a cruise? It starts as a dream where I’m feeling kind of empty at the airport.
    Then, there’s a couple papers I sign and start to board the ship. It’s not until I’m in the middle of the ocean that I realize I can’t pay for this really expensive cruise, I dont have any luggage, and all while I’m still trying to make it to a virtual job interview.

  15. I had a dream about this girl I really like going away on a motor boat forever, and all of my friends and classmates were close to where she took off, but I was alone, watching from a distance, watching her until she disappeared.
    What could this mean?

  16. My dream is I was on a search and rescue ship or a coast guard ship trying to recover the body remains of a pregnant woman who was eaten by a shark so the husband can bury her. It was a bright sunny day with calm deep blue waters. The ship was busy with a captain and divers. I did not play any significant role in the mission. I was just an observer. Occasionally the captain would give me an update of what was going on.The search was called off when they spotted the decapitated head of the woman. That’s when I woke up.


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