15 Unique and Essential Accessories for Dogs On A Boat

Unfortunately, not many of us can bring our loyal and cuddly dog companions to work with us. But don’t let that be the case when you take your boat out for a day on the water.

I want to share a list of 15 essential boat accessories you should have to make your furry friend as comfortable, relaxed, and safe as can be aboard your boat.

dog boat accessories

1. Dog Life Jacket

Safety is without question the most critical consideration when planning a day out on the water. Be a good example by always wearing your personal life jacket. In addition, it is your responsibility to ensure all your passengers (even those with paws) are also wearing appropriately fitting life jackets.

Without question, the Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket is the most purchased and recommended brand sold on Amazon. Priced between $7.00 and $29.90 (depending on size), this life jacket features a multi-handle design, a neck float, adjustable straps, and seven different color options.

2. Non-Skid Bowls

Non-Skid Bowls

If your dog already has a feeding and water bowl that it loves, then purchase a Pet Parade Non-Skid Dog Bowl Tray to set them in. Alternatively, find a non-skid bowl option such as the Toadfish Non-Tipping Dog Bowl so that your dog has its own unique set of sea-faring bowls.

3. Slip-Resistant Water Shoes

Slip-Resistant Water Shoes

Imagine if you were a dog trying to move around on a wet and slippery deck of a boat on the move- sounds pretty impossible to me. If a few drops of water get on my kitchen floor, my dog looks like the most uncoordinated bac hate dancer in the world.

Do your dog a favor and find a pair of slip-resistant dog shoes like GGR Pet Boots. These booties are an excellent way of keeping your dog safe in various wet conditions, rough terrain, and inclement weather. In addition, they feature reflective strips and are made from breathable material to keep your pet’s paws comfortable.

4. Toys, Toys, & More Toys

Toys, Toys, & More Toys

While having toys thrown all around the top of your deck space could become dangerous obstacles if you need to move swiftly from one end of your boat to the other. On the other hand, you would rather have your dog chewing on some durable amphibious toys rather than your boat’s halyard (the rope used to hoist up a sail).

If I were you, I would leave your dog’s home toys alone and find some new goodies that are durable enough to handle water environments. Grab a small plastic crate and fill it up with great waterproof toys such as the Hyper Pet Chewz Toy or the Outward Hound Floatiez Turtle.

5. Portable Dog Toilet

Portable Dog Toilet

Getting your dog comfortable with his new moving toilet may take a little extra training, but you will not regret having the PetSafe Pet Loo on board. It features a covered waste bin with a layer of pee grass on top.

This specific model comes in different sizes depending on your dog’s breed. Its design promotes more convenient clean-up, including a special Wee Sponge Powder that absorbs moisture and odors.

If I may suggest, you should probably purchase two of these- one for the deck and a smaller one for inside the cabin to provide your furry friend with a comfortable place to use the potty when inclement weather strikes.

6. Pet Ladder Or Ramp

Pet Ladder Or Ramp

The Solstice Watersports Pup Plank makes getting in and out of the water so much easier for your furry companion. The key to any excellent ladder or ramp is how much traction it provides for your dog to pull itself up from the water.

It has a claw-friendly mesh entry system that pups can use, and an EVA traction pad for additional footing as your dog gets back into your boat. I was also pleased to find out that this plank is compatible with both freshwater and saltwater applications, built for dogs up to 100 pounds, and is portable enough to be used anywhere on the go.

7. Travel-Friendly Pet Bed

Travel-Friendly Pet Bed

I know you want your dog to be comfortable so it can truly enjoy its pup-on-the-sea adventures. Therefore, I recommend that you find a great quality travel-friendly pet bed that is portable and easy to clean.

The Furhaven Pet Bed is entirely washable comes with a stuff sack for space-saving storage that is gentle to the touch providing just enough cushion to get your dog cozy and cuddly for a good night’s sleep under the stars.

8. Dog Harness

Dog Harness

The Auroth Tactical Dog Harness means business. Adjustable for small, medium, and large size dogs, this vest also features reflective strips, an easy-to-grip handle, and a no-pull ring.

Made of military-grade Kevlar, this vest’s rugged construction will stand up to any environment. Besides a good life jacket, a suitable dog harness is another excellent way to keep your dog safe.

9. Cooling Accessories

Cooling Accessories

Since you take your pup along on far and near sea-faring journeys, you must purchase various accessories to keep it cool. Naturally, this goes for you as well- you should have the appropriate gear to protect you from countless hours under the sun.

Some products for your consideration include the Chillz Cooling Mat, the RUFFWEAR Cooling Vest, and the HandFan Portable Misting Fan.

10. Sunscreen


Yep, I said it. If you didn’t already know, sunscreen exists on the market specifically for pups. However, just like people, dogs can suffer from extended exposure to the sun, so you should be well aware of your dog’s skin type and sensitivity levels.

In either case, it would be a good idea to keep a bottle of Emmy’s Sun Skin Protector on board. The product comes in a spray bottle and contains no zinc-oxide- making it a toxic-free and safe product for all breeds.

11. Snacks


Remember that your pup will get hungry after all the play, swimming, and other fun activities it has been up to while out on the water. So be sure to pack enough food for the trip planned but bring a little extra so that your dog doesn’t go hungry if some unforeseen circumstance arises.

In addition to its favorite food, think about healthy snacks and treats to share with your pup on board. I recommend dehydrated treats that come in individually wrapped packets or resealable bags that are air-tight and waterproof.

Here are some exciting brands that you can purchase to stock your onboard pet pantry:

  • BoatToBowl– An Australian-made dog treats made from 100% Australian fish.
  • Nudges Natural Dog Treats- Comes in various flavors and styles (chicken is the main ingredient), but best of all, there are no artificial flavors or preservatives.

12. Calming Tools

Calming Tools

Your pup may or may not be particularly fond of motion, but it would do anything to spend the day with its favorite person-you. So there are several ways to help your dog feel comfortable on the water.

For starters, you could consider a calming treat such as PetHonesty Calming Treats that aim to help your pups overcome stress and anxiety from various sources.

You may also consider giving your dog stress-relieving drops orally as needed, such as the Bach Rescue Remedy Pet Dropper made of plant-based products that are free of artificial preservatives.

13. Trash Can

Trash Can

For all those unforeseen messes or just a place to dispose of your dog’s dirty duties, you should invest in some small yet efficient dogproof wastebasket with odor protection technology (to keep the air around you smelling fresh).

The PawPail Pet Waste Station is a favorite accessory for the outdoors, but a cheaper alternative like the iTouchless 13 Gallon Pet-Proof Sensor Trash Can will handle the job just as well.

14. Goggles


I have never seen a dog with water goggles in person, but if your pup lets you put them on, goggles could be a great way to protect your dog’s eyes from UV rays and other particulates in the air or water.

The QUMY Dog Goggles Eye Wear is adjustable for different size dogs, waterproof, and people worldwide are attracted to the practicality and cuteness that’s all wrapped up in a goggle-wearing pup.

15. Collar Light

Collar Light

A collar light is another excellent dog accessory to help keep your pup safe, especially at nighttime or in an emergency. West Marine carries the Nite Ize PetLit LED Collar Light that clips to your dog’s collar or harness.

The product comes in various colors and helps keep your pup visible at all times of the day.


This list of 15 Unique and Essential Accessories For Dogs On A Boat will make your pup Captain-ready! We, furry friend lovers, have a responsibility to keep our sea-faring pooches safe and comfortable at all times.

I hope you find each of the products I listed beneficial to your boating experience. You may or may not run out and purchase every item on this list but remember that we cannot just bring a land-based animal out to sea and expect it to adapt without some assistance (and occasional spoiling).

If you have any personal tips tricks that you have found to help your pup adjust to sea life, please be sure to add them in the comment section below so that we can all become better-informed doggie moms and dads.

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