Vinyl Wrap vs. Paint Boat: Which is Better?

How would you love to see the finishing of your boat? Yes, paints have existed for ages, but since the wraps came in, many people ask, which one is better?

Well, stick around, for you are about to make the best choice. We’ll talk about the vinyl wrap vs. paint boat.

Some owners and marine workers love vinyl wraps because it’s cheap and give freedom to make beauty out of your hull. Other people love paints because they want to get a lasting solution to the beauty of the boat.

But still, both wraps and paints also have some issues that can deter you from using them. So, read on to find out the best option for you.

What is a Vinyl Wrap?



Recently, this beauty has grown to become popular among many boat owners. But what does it mean to have a vinyl wrap?

Wraps are covers that come from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material. Also, some of the warps come from LDPE and LDPP plastics.

The firms make these items in the form of large vinyl film sheets. You’ll need special glue to stick them onto an existing boat paint.

Today, you’ll see vinyl wraps on most speed boats, yachts, and luxury cars. So, you may not feel weird to have them on your boat.

Many firms make vinyl wraps in many colors and graphics. Also, you can tune the colors of vinyl wraps to make your boats unique in and out.

What is a Boat Paint?



Painting a boat is quite the opposite of using a vinyl wrap. Here, you’ll color your boat using spray paint or brush. Remember, the boat paint comes from a mix if some chemicals.

Expect the color to attach to the boat’s surface after it dries up. Unlike the vinyl warps, the idea of the looks is in your hands.

Also, you can start painting your boat even when the hull is undone. It’s different from a vinyl wrap which will stick only well on a painted boat surface.

boat wrap vs paint – Comparison of the Specs

Both a vinyl wrap and boat paint will make your boat beautiful. Even if you choose one type, be sure that both can suit your interests when it comes to coloring.

Remember, the specs of each type will help you make the best choice. So, keep reading to see what a vinyl wrap and boat paint bring to you.

1. Durability



This aspect is what most people will look at before picking on either paint or vinyl. Let’s look at which one can last longer on your boat.

  • Vinyl Wraps

If your boat has vinyl wrappings and you handle it well, be sure that it will last for more years than the one with regular paints. Also, there won’t be any need to polish the craft to keep its beauty.

As for the vinyl wraps, you’ll only need soapy water and grease. These things help you remove any dirt and give the boat a new look.

Unlike paints, vinyl wraps don’t wax to make them shine. Yes, this item can tempt you to use them. But if you use waxes, it can void your warranty.

Also, most wraps have an essential item that prevents them from fading. The sheets can resist U. V light, thus holding the color longer.

So, as long there’s no scratch or damage on your boat, it will always look beautiful. Remember, the better the quality of your vinyl wrap, the more time it will keep its beauty.

  • Boat Paints

People know that paints last for a very long time. You’ll make an effort to repaint and clean your boat after a few years.

Yes, a boat paint can be durable, but fixing it can be more costly than vinyl wraps if it gets a scratch. Sometimes, you may need to repaint a large part of the boat to retain the beauty.

As you maintain a boat, you’ll always need to buff and polish it to make your boat look better. It gives you a hull a sweet look. If you ignore this act, the boat will fade faster than usual.

2. Customization



When looking for the best item for the looks of your boat, the freedom to make the boat beautiful is also key. Below is how you can modify a vinyl wrap and boat paint.

  • Vinyl Wrap

Most people love vinyl wraps on their boats because it allows them to make a nice picture from it. Firms give you many possibilities to design the looks of your boat.

So, do you want your favorite image to be on the boat? Or would you love to see a given logo on your boats? Then, you should pick on vinyl wraps to be on the vessel.

Remember, before you choose what to put on your boat, you should have a vision of how you want the boat to look. Well, you’ll view your 3D design on the computer.

You can edit everything until the picture becomes perfect. The printing on these items allows you to have many looks.

It can be for pleasure or business. But if you are using your boat as a marketing place for your company, choose a vinyl wrap. Ensure you also pick the best vinyl wraps to get this sweetness.

  • Boat Paints

These items come in many colors too. When spray or brush your boat, it limits your ideas of what you’d want your boat to be.

For example, it will be tough for you to paint your picture on the boat. It will cost you many dollars to hire a pro painter if that happens.

Remember, no one would want their boats to look ugly. So, the best you could do with craft paint is to match the colors correctly.

Also, boat paints won’t be best for business and marketing. But if you pick on the best color and painter, you can draw your beautiful logo on the boat.

3. Installation

Before picking between a vinyl wrap and paint, look at how you’ll place it on your boat. Take a keen look at installing a vinyl wrap or painting your boat.

  • Vinyl Wrap

When it’s your first time installing these sheets on your boat, be sure it will give you an easy time. You’ll take a few days to place a vinyl wrap on your boat.

Also, when you use a vinyl wrap, you can change the design if you don’t like it. Once again, it will take a short time before your boat goes back on the water.

  • Boat Paint

It will take you more time to paint your boat than when you use a vinyl wrap. Be sure that it can even take you more than two weeks to see that your boat is ready to shine. After painting a boat, it needs time to dry up or else the color won’t last for long.

4. Care for the Environment



So, between using a vinyl wrap and boat paint, which one do you think won’t pollute the waters and air? Read on to find out, starting with vinyl wrappings.

  • Vinyl Wraps

Most vinyl wraps are friendly to the environment. If there are any effects on the waters and air, the numbers will be low.

Well, it’s because vinyl wraps come from PVC, LDPE, and LDPP plastics are safe for use. Also, it’s rare for vinyl wraps to fade and destroy the environment.

  • Boat Paints

When you choose to use marine paints, be sure that most aren’t friendly to the environment. Besides, the solvents you’ll use during painting aren’t always safe.

These elements may fail to affect the air but won’t spare the soil and water. Expect the paints to leech after some time and destroy the beauty of the waters. Also, it can end up killing marine life.

5. Costs



Up to this point, you already have a choice in mind between a boat paint and a vinyl wrap. But the prices might make you change your mind.

  • Boat Paints

Depending on the brand and quality, expect boat paints to be more costly than vinyl wraps. It’s because colors give your boat a sweet old look that only a few vinyl wraps can’t offer.

If you hire a painter to work on your boat, it will cost you between 100 to 400 dollars per linear foot on the top side. The bottom paint ranges from 15 to 100 dollars per linear foot.

Remember, it gets cheaper when you do a DIY painting on your boat. Though, it won’t last for long compared to when you hire a pro to do it for you.

But below are the other things that will determine the costs of a boat paint:

    • The type of paint and colors you’ll buy.
    • The type of boat.


  • Vinyl Wraps

Expect most types of vinyl wraps to be even a third of the price of boat paints. Yes, when these items came to the boat market, they had high prices.

Today, the prices of vinyl wraps start from $1400 for a 14-foot boat. These prices entail the labor costs and the designs too.

For example, if your boat is 18-foot high, the vinyl wrap will start from 1300 dollars. The labor costs will be about $1 100. So, depending on the firm, an 18- foot boat will cost you $2400 to vinyl wrap it.

So, the bigger the boat, the higher the price. Also, the expenses might increase depending on the type of vinyl wrap you’ll want.


Both vinyl wraps and boat paints can make your boat look beautiful and for long. Also, when you pick on either of them, choose the one with high quality.

Boat paints have existed for a long time, so many people love them because of their sweet old look. But many people also love vinyl wraps because of the ease of installing them.

Also, expect vinyl wraps to give freedom to customize the looks on your boat. You won’t be free to show your ideas when you use paints.

So, between a vinyl wrap and boat, which one do you think suits your interests? Please let us know about your choice.

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