Boat Club Membership Cost (Price Chart)

If you are into boats and enjoy sailing, you have three possibilities to make this dream come true. You can buy a boat or rent it, but there is one more option many people find the most comfortable and affordable.

Joining a boat club means that you can pick out any available boat as soon as you pay a one-time and monthly fee. This membership is an excellent option for beginners and boaters without their own vessel. Now, let’s find out everything about boat club membership costs.


Boat Club Memberships Cost

Boat Club Memberships Cost

Boat club memberships have several advantages. The primary one is the possibility to have access to any boat you want without owning and maintaining it on your own.

As expected, this benefit comes with a cost that depends on location and the club you want to become part of. Many inexpensive boat clubs will charge you only a few hundred dollars a month.

However, a cheaper membership fee often doesn’t include unlimited access to the boats. In most cases, you will be limited to using a vessel only for specific days or a few months during the year. Others have weekend-only and weekday-only plans when you can take a boat at an affordable price.

On the other hand, exclusive boat clubs located in large cities and popular destinations will cost you thousands of dollars. You can expect to get a more extensive fleet and newer boat models in such places.

There is also no daily limitation, and you can get the desired vessel whenever you want. These clubs typically have a reservation success rate of over 90%. Before joining a boat club, you should consider their general membership costs that include:

Up-front costs (one-time fee)

Once you decide to join a boat club, you will need to pay an up-front enrollment fee. This cost can range from $1,000 to nearly $10,000, depending on the boat types and services available to members.

In other words, you can pick out a less expensive boat club that offers smaller watercraft or a pricey yacht club offering luxury vessels and complete services.

Monthly membership costs (monthly fee)

The monthly fee for joining a boat club can significantly vary, depending on your chosen club and its location. In most cases, it starts with $150 but can go up to $600 in luxury clubs.

This fee is directly connected to:

  • Boat types available
  • Location
  • Scope of services
  • The service level you receive from arriving at the club to using a chosen boat

Remember that paid fee also includes:

  • Boat insurance
  • Safety lessons
  • Boat storage
  • Access to water toys
  • Maintaining costs

In most cases, a boat club membership includes some perks, like:

  • Free passes for your friends
  • Monthly discounts for automatic payments


The Most Popular Boat Clubs in the US

Freedom boat club

Freedom boat club
Image Credit: news4jax

This boat club, located in West Palm Beach, Florida, is among the oldest in the US. Plus, it is one of the largest, with 165 locations available. You can pick out the one closest to your home and enjoy numerous benefits the membership in such an exclusive club provides.

As for prices, they will vary, primarily depending on location. For instance, larger city marinas always have higher fees than smaller ones.

Plus, clubs in warmer climates often provide unlimited year-round boating, but fees are typically higher in this case. Others will offer only boating during the season.

Boat club membership cost

Boat club Location Monthly fee One-time fee
Freedom boat club West Palm Beach, Florida $150 to $300 $2,750 to $5,500
Nautical boat club Lexington, South Carolina $195 to $595 $995 to $5,995
Prescott boat club Prescott, Wisconsin $200 to $335 $995 to $1,995
Carefree boat club Clinton, Connecticut $250 to $300 $4,000 to $6,000

Another thing that affects the price is the period you want to use boat club benefits. One-time fees in West Palm Beach will range from $2,750 to $5,500, while a regular maintenance plan will cost you $150 to $300 per month.

It is possible to pick out any membership option the club provides, depending on location, like:

  • Weekday-only
  • Weekend-only
  • Three-month seasonal
  • Six-month seasonal
  • Friends and family program

Fees will include continuous maintenance when using a boat during a year or vessel winterizing when you choose seasonal sailing. However, you can look for local promotions they offer occasionally. Such offers can significantly reduce initial prices.

Nautical boat club

Nautical boat club
Image Credit: laketravis

Nautical boat club doesn’t cover too many areas, but it provides numerous benefits for the club members. Their personalized program includes:

  • Unlimited boat use
  • Guaranteed 97% reservations availability
  • Free water toys use
  • Guest privileges for free
  • Available dockside valet service

One of the most appreciated advantages of the Nautical boat club is the precise list of benefits you will get for your money. They will charge a one-time membership fee of $995 to $5,995, while monthly payments are in the range of $195 to $595.

In return, you will get free maintenance, insurance, and slip fees. Basically, the fuel you spend will be the only additional expense you should count on.

Prescott boat club

Prescott boat club

Prescott boat club is small but is an excellent option for you if your house is near their locations. A fantastic advantage is that their membership offers you use Nautical boat club services:

Their primary location is in Prescott, Wisconsin, but you can also find this club in:

  • Austin, Dallas, and Lakeway, Texas
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Columbia, South Carolina

This club’s one-time membership will cost you $995 to $1,995, while the monthly fee is $200 to $335. Interestingly, you can take safety classes included in the price. Plus, you have access to water toys for free. As expected, the additional fee you need to pay is the fuel you spend.

Carefree boat club

Carefree boat club

You can find Carefree boat club at more than eighty locations throughout the US and Canada. That is the primary benefit of this particular club.

Once you pay $4,000 to $6,000 for a one-time fee and an additional $250 to $300 per month, you will get unlimited access to their boat fleet at any destination.

However, you need to enroll in their destination program. Otherwise, it is necessary to pay more when sailing in popular areas. For instance, their San Francisco boat club will be more expensive than an affordable location in Clinton, Connecticut.


The Way Boat Club Works

The Way Boat Club Works

Unlike boat rental services, clubs use your membership fees for boat upkeep. Prices are lower than rental costs since many members:

  • Take care about the boat quality and condition
  • Contribute to proper boat use and overall care
  • Invest in their boat club

Since boat clubs are not the same and differ in offers, you should pick out the best one that fits your needs. The crucial things you should have on your mind are:

Boat ownership – While some boat clubs rent vessels, others require you to own a boat before becoming a member.

Overall costs – Membership fees will depend on boat types each club provides, its location, and service levels available.

Reciprocal membership – You should know that boat clubs in the same area often cooperate. Finding out these connections will cut your expenses and provide you with many benefits at the same price.

Nowadays, more boat clubs offer such benefits in many cities and states, allowing members to rent a boat wherever they live or travel.

Boat types you prefer – Boat clubs can rent various vessel types, including personal watercraft and luxury yachts. Their offers will vary, depending on location, geographical features, and local market.

Sports equipment available – Most clubs also provide water sports equipment, like water skis, surfboards, and wakeboards.

Geographical considerations – Keep in mind that boat types available in the club are directly connected with geographical location and club features. In other words, some waterways are unsafe for specific boat types, while others have to follow ecosystem protection policies.

For instance, you can rent only a kayak or canoe in locations close to environmental protection areas. Remember that smaller clubs often provide only smaller boats to cut insurance costs.

Water access – You can find two boat club policies. Some will offer you a membership after paying a fee without limitations. On the other hand, some clubs limit membership to local people.


Boat Club Membership Pros and Cons

Boat Club Membership Pros and Cons

Multiple boats

One of the best advantages of boat clubs is the wide range of boats they provide. That way, you can use the best one for each occasion.

No maintenance

As a club member, you don’t need to think about regular boat maintenance or required repairs.

Licensed captains

You can sail on your own or let a licensed captain steer your boat. That makes a boat club membership an excellent option.

Boating lessons

Many boat clubs offer free safety lessons. They will teach you basic boating rules and how to steer the vessel.

No insurance premiums

The boat’s monthly insurance premiums are high, particularly for yachts, speedboats, and sailboats. A boat club membership covers that cost.



The fact you don’t have a boat shouldn’t limit your dream to sail whenever you want. Besides renting the desired vessel, you have one more option. Become a boat club member! That way, you will get access to the boat and choose the price you are prepared to pay for such satisfaction.

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