31 Best Fishing Boat Names (Story & Meanings)

Boat owners seem to have a playful streak when it comes to choosing names. (They have to, considering what those babies cost!) We’ve seen everything from ‘Future Poor Person’ to ‘She Got the House!’ But today, we’re focusing on fishing boat names. These range from pontoon kayaks and fishing float tubes to thousand-dollar trawlers so let’s set sail and get started!

Fishing Boat Names

1. Dirty Dangler

The person that came up with this name is probably a Patrick Swayze fan. The name clearly echoes one of his most famous films – Dirty Dancing. It’s a cheeky choice for a fishing boat with a solid sound system, the kind where you regularly host dance parties. It also nods to inland fishing in swampy areas. Or maybe they’re just lazy about cleaning their fishing boat

2. A-Fishy-Nado

If you love puns, you’ll love this fishing boat name. It’s a play on aficionado – someone who is deeply skilled and highly enthusiastic about a specific subject, activity, or skill. So it’s the perfect name for a keen fisherman, whether you’re doing it for fun or as a business. But if you still want a fishy name but are a little less confident, try something like Fishfull Thinkin!

3. Beeracuda

Another direction you could go is to base your boat name on the various species of fish. You could build the name around the kind of fish you target, or the common ones in your area. Or you could go for something connected to your character and personality. This owner seems to love beer and barracudas. Luckily for him (or her), beer is an essential part of fishing trips.

4. Berth Control

The average guy is squeamish about periods and contraception, so this boat probably belongs to a lady. It’s a twist on birth control since they’re pronounced the same way. And it’s a lovely double entendre because the berth – which is a boat bed – is where these activities typically take place. Plus, if the boat has guests, there’s hopefully plenty on board!

5. Fortuna

Not everybody has a brain for puns. And your cleverly crafted boat name will lose some of its magic if you have to keep explaining it. So you could always opt for the lowest hanging fruit. Especially if your specialty is fishing for tuna. Or if you love your tuna fish sandwiches. Or if you have cats. Fortuna (For Tuna) can also be a call to the gods for good fortune as you fish.

6. Fin and Tonic

Perhaps your drinking preferences lean more towards spirits. Gin, whisky, vodka – it’s all good as long as you can still handle your nets and rods. And since it’s your boat, nobody can stop you from bringing booze on board. It would actually be a catchy name, pun intended, if you host a fish barbeque on board after your trip. Or if you like to hold parties on the boat.

7. Happy Hooker

This option is a tad risqué, so you need the right personality to pull it off. But it’s way more subtle than Filthy Oar, which suggests you probably miss your ex … and she probably got the house. Fishing boats don’t always make good party barges because they have a basic finish and a spacious deck to hold your gear. But a good haul is great bait to hook the right girl.

8. Reel Big Financial Liability

You can invent some truly clever names if you start with boat parts and fishing gear. Reels, hooks, knots, bait … they all pair well with puns. And since boats cost a lot to begin with, you lose a chunk of change with every purchase. So while the guys at the docks may pick a name like Newly Broke, your Wall Street buddies will likely use bigger words to say the same thing.

9. Master Baiter

If your purchase price was closer to $50,000 than $500, you can safely name it Moby Debt or In Deep Ship. And if the monthly payments have you in a tizzy, go for Salty Test Tackles or Bye the Nauts – you’ll feel a lot less emasculated. But Master Baiter is a far better fishing boat name if you’re not squeamish about offending fellow seafarers. So go rock their boat!

10. Knot Working

Some guys get younger wives, others get sports cars, and others opt for fast boats. But if your fishing activities are more leisurely, Knot Working makes a great name. Particularly if you’re fishing on a sailboat or using lots of knotted nets. Just don’t ask your wife to name the boat. If you’re lucky, she may call it Morning Wood as a humblebrag. If not, it’s Viaqua for you!

11. Flounder Pounder

This fishing boat’s name sounds awfully violent. And just a little dirty. Which could be deliberate, since flounders mostly live in shallow, potentially muddy water. And the world record holder (from way back in 1975) weighed over 20lbs! The name could also refer to the horsepower on your fishing boat. If it’s built for heavy-duty hunting and fishing, this works.

12. Sea Horse

In many parts of Asia, seahorse on a stick is a popular street snack. But we don’t eat them much in America. We see them more as magical sea creatures, like mermaids or mantis shrimp. But if you grew up on a farm or had dreams of joining the rodeo and never quite got there. Sea Horse is a great fishing boat name. Especially if you have the horsepower to boot!

13. Vita

You may have heard about the Tower of Babel. But even if you fell asleep in Sunday School, you probably know a few multilingual puns that come from word meanings in different languages. For example, vita means life in Latin, and battle in Swahili. It’s a good name if your lifestyle revolves around fishing or if you use manual techniques to wrangle your haul.

14. Zafiro

To the average person, blue is blue. But if you’re a skilled fisherman, you’re familiar with all the shades of the water, from tropical turquoise to midnight blue. So you could name your fishing boat based on the hue of your favorite fishing spot. It could be Azure for shallow sky blue waters, or Zafiro, meaning sapphire in Spanish. You can paint the boat that shade too.

15. Wasted Seamen

Yes, boats are expensive. And after all the jokes your friends crack about your bottom line, you may select a self-denigrating boat name like No Mas Dineros. Or you could go the other way and choose No Money Wasted for this new love of your life. But if you fish with a crew that often ends up at a seafood bar, Wasted Seamen is an excellent name for a fishing boat.

16. B’Yacht’ch

Some fishermen learn their skills from their families. Particularly if they grew up in a commercial fishing community. But others are city folk who picked up the habit on ocean documentaries or YouTube. So if you don’t mind exposing yourself as an urban upstart and your sense of humor is on the sultry side, B’Yacht’ch is a beautiful but brilliant boat name.

17. Kids Inheritance

Some boat names playfully poke at your spouse. Others bitterly belittle your ex. Still others are for Forced Family Fun. But suppose you’re a family-run fishing business and you want the kids to take over when you’re gone. Kids Inheritance becomes a deliciously guilt-trippy name. Or it could be how you shame them for never calling – spend ‘their’ cash on a boat!

18. Marlin Monroe

Your boat name influences how other seafarers perceive and interact with you. You could name it Drug Money when you’re tired of being asked how much it costs and how you could afford it. Or Ship for Brains if your land-lubbing buddies are bored of your endless boat stories. Or Pier Pressure of you followed the office boating fad. But Marlin Monroe is hot!

19. Fish & Chicks

Lots of boaters earn their living by supplying restaurants and chain stores. And if your operation is large enough, you may be out fishing all night, sometimes for months at a time. Given the reputation that sailors have, your significant other worries about your dalliances. But fish … well, they smell. So unless you’re a former frat boy, the name is just for show.

20. The Codfather

The first time you spot this fishing boat name, you’re likely to fall over laughing. But given the macho characters from the book (and the movie), it’s a surprisingly common boat name. Lucky for you, seaside naming rarely raises copyright issues, so if you like the name, go for it! As long as it’s the only one on your dock. But use different graphics so your boat stands out.

21. Pugboat

A cat lover might name their fishing boat Fortuna. But what if you’re more into dogs? Pugboat is the perfect play on tugboats. More so if your dog routinely sails with you. But you’d have to keep him (or her) in a life jacket and away from fish. Especially the ones that are still in the water, or you might need an actual tugboat to rescue your gang of pooches.

22. Breaking Bass

If you have a little bass boat and an affinity for Walter White, this name works well on your fishing boat. And the nod to the title card (which pays homage to the periodic table) is a nice touch too. Just be sure the authorities aren’t on your case or you may find the coastguard – or the local trap house crew – regularly raiding your boat for goodies. It’ll quickly get fishy!

23. Knot Shore

As a newbie to the fishing world, you may amuse yourself with a nervous name like Knot Shore. Then once you master the rod, you could baptize your boat Shore I Am! But both names may have your peers at the … pier … sniggering behind your back. Why? Well, they love the sea, and both your boat names imply you’d rather hang out on land – heads up!

24. Seas the Day

Called in Sick is a popular boat name in beach towns and holiday homes. But if you have a more philosophical leaning, skipping work to go fishing is the purest way to seize the day. It’s a good luck charm too because it’s all about seeking opportunities and taking risks. So this boat name could be the aquatic blessing that promises a good catch on every fishing trip.

25. Vitamin Sea

Fish is good for you. True, some people worry about mercury. And if you can, it’s best to get fish that were sustainably obtained to avoid driving them extinct. But when you walk out of the office and post that ‘Gone Fishing’ sign on the door, everyone knows it’s time for your fishing fix. Your daily dose of Vitamin C, with lots of omegas, calcium, and magnesium too!

26. Batteries Knot Included

When we think of fishing boats, we may be focused on those bulky trawlers with masts and beams in every direction. But small wooden fishing boats deserve good names too. They may be low on tech, but they’re big on heart and are often built by hand. These boats rely on older fishing techniques. They won’t have a WiFi fishfinder, and definitely don’t have batteries.

27. Reel Secrets

We’ve spotted Fish & Chicks, and even Fish ‘n Chips. But if you consider yourself a true fishing master, you could join all the other online fisher-people and teach a course. Then you can share the Reel Secrets of fishing. And in the process, you’re sending a shout-out to your boating gear (hooks and reels) and the reels of film from your (smartphone) camera crew.

28. Off Da Hook

This is a fishing boat name that might explain where you grew up. Think Off Da Hook vs Off the Hook. ‘Nuff said. Plus it’s a way more fun name than Anchors Away, which essentially says the same thing. You could also go with Off the Chain. Or Nothing But Net. These are all clever choices for black boaters, so be sure you’re not on the hook for cultural appropriation.

29. Carp-a-Diem

Here’s another one for the philosopher that loves carp. Carpe diem. Seize the day. Or … Carp-a-Diem and Seas the Day? It may go over some people’s heads, so you could paint a pretty carp next to the boat name to clue everyone in. They don’t look very distinctive though, so you may have some trouble explaining the connection. It’s a good pick-up though.

30. Forward my Calls

Remember that rustic ‘Gone Fishing’ sign? This is the modern-day version. You may have Called in Sick or taken a personal day with the blessing of the boss. But if your workplace expects you to answer emails at midnight, they’ll still insist on forwarding calls. You don’t have to toss the phone overboard or refuse the order. Just say there was no reception at sea!

31. Squid Pro Quo

You don’t have to be searching for leviathans, krakkens, or giant squids. But if your sanity relies on the time you carve out for fishing, then you need to maintain the status quo. That may mean bargaining with your partners – both at work and at home. You may need to some give-and-take arrangement so they leave you in peace and don’t interrupt your excursions.

Have you spotted any memorable fishing boat names recently? Share them in the comments!

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